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Fleet360 Total Plant Solutions (Including Combined Cycle): Power Plant Fundamentals

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for Power Plant Fundamentals.

Course Description

Overview: Power Plant Fundamentals introduces participants to a typical combined cycle power plant through a blended learning solution of classroom, videos, hands-on exercises, models and factory and plant tours (WHEN AVAILABLE).  The course is focused on developing an understanding of how systems and components function rather than simple rote memorization of facts.


The topics to be covered for this training are:

Power Plant Overview

Gas Turbine Overview

Gas Turbine Theory

GT Components (7/9 technology)

GT Compressor Components

GT Combustion Chamber and DLN Components

GT Emissions and control

GT Combustion Turbine Components

GT Support Systems

                Bearing Lube Oil

                Control/Trip Oil

                Inlet Guide Vanes

                Cooling and Sealing Air

                Atomizing Air

                Compressor Wash

                Water Injection

                Gas System

                Liquid Fuel System

                Starting System (Load Commutator Inverter)

                GT Protection

GT Control and Operation (Basic MK V/VI and DLN 2.6) systems

Combined Cycle Theory

Heat Recovery Steam Generators

Specific Catalytic Reduction

Combined Cycle Support Systems, BOP Systems

                Steam System



                Demineralized Water


                Circulating Water

Steam Turbine Fundamentals

GT Maintenance Considerations (GER 3620)

AC Power Generation Equipment

Electrical Distribution Systems

Renewable Energy (Wind) Fundamentals

Plant Tour and Factory/Repair Shop Tour (if available)


The focus of the training is to permit GE Employees to understand the components, construction, operation and maintenance considerations of our Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plants, and Wind Turbines.


Highlights: Prepare for and effectively understand combined cycle power plants and their components during pivotal conversations.


Who Should Attend: All GE Energy exempt employees (managers and individual contributors) interested in developing and sharpening their understanding of combined cycle power plants or Wind Turbines.


Course Objectives:

  • Recognize the major components of a combined cycle power plant
  • Explain major components design, construction and operation of the Gas Turbine
  • Explain major components design, construction and operation of the Steam Turbine
  • Explain major components design, construction and operation of the Wind Turbine
  • Explain major components design, construction and operation of the Electrical Generator
  • Describe the operation of a combined cycle power plant
  • Describe maintenance considerations of a combined cycle power plant
  • Describe the balance of plant components
  • Describe the Wind Turbine and its components
  • Explain the Wind Turbine operations and maintenance
  • Describe the concepts of Distributed Power and the Jenbacher and Waukesha engines that support DP