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Aeroderivative Controls: Control System - Woodward (Aero) Operation, Maintenance, & Troubleshooting


Location :  Houston, TX

Start Date
TXAugust 26,27,28,29,30 (2024)
TXNovember 18,19,20,21,22 (2024)

Course Description



Control System - Woodward (Aero) Operation, Maintenance, & Troubleshooting

Course Description

This course introduces plant maintenance personnel to the Woodward MicroNet™ and MicroNet Plus™ turbine control systems. These platforms have CPUs with an Ethernet port(s) and do not have a 2-line display. Course content includes the hardware layout of typical systems; from chassis to I/O cards to field termination modules. Course material provides training on Graphical Application Programmer (GAP) software navigation. Woodward software tools will be used to evaluate fuel control, sequence logic, and turbine-based alarms. Control actuator and other I/O calibration procedures will be discussed. Additional class work includes general information on the operator interface (HMI).


5 Days

Target Audience



Electrical Maintenance

Instrumentation & Controls

Site personnel who wish to enhance their understanding of the architecture, function, and maintenance of their Woodward control system


Instruction is given in English, therefore a reasonable ability to read and understand spoken English is required

Reasonable computer skills

Basic understanding of gas turbine equipment and its operation

Familiarity with control system basics

Class Size

Maximum number of students:  8

Learning Objectives

This course will provide basic knowledge on the following:

  • Woodward Hardware
  • Control Fundamentals
  • GAP
  • Interfaces

Course Content


  • Instructor Background
  • Participant Background
  • Course Schedule

LESSON 1 - Control Fundamentals

  1. Introduction and Overview of Control Functions
  2. Gas Turbine Fuel Control
  3. Auxiliary Equipment Control and Sequencing
  4. Gas Turbine and Package Protective Systems

LESSON 2 - System Hardware

  1. Control System Architecture
  2. Control System Documentation
  3. Turbine Control Panel and System Components
  4. Woodward MicroNet™ and MicroNet Plus™
  5. Speed Signal Generation
  6. Valve Actuation
  7. High Signal Select / Low Signal Select Logic
  8. Digital Control Philosophy


  1. GAP™ Software Architecture - Introduction To GAP™
  2. Application Specific GAP™ Blocks
  3. GAP™ Navigation
  4. GAP™ and Application File Maintenance

LESSON 4 - Software Tools and Interfaces

  1. Application Manager
  2. Monitor GAP™
  3. Control Assistant
  4. File Transfers and Backup
  5. Signal Forcing
  6. Tunable Parameters, Adjustments and File Maintenance
  7. I/O Calibrations
  8. Valves, Valve Interfaces and Valve Files
  9. Data Logs

LESSON 5 - Field Procedures

  1. File Transfers and Backup
  2. Signal Forcing
  3. Tunable Parameters, Adjustments and File Maintenance
  4. I/O Calibrations
  5. Valves, Valve Interfaces and Valve Files
  6. Retrieving and Displaying Data Logs

LESSON 6 - Summation and Review

  1. Final Review
  2. Questions & Answers