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Excitation- EX2000: EX2000 Generator Excitation Maintenance

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for EX2000 Generator Excitation Maintenance.

Course Description




Course Description

This course offers training in the skills needed to do basic operation, maintenance and troubleshooting on an EX2100 excitation system. Learn how to operate the EX2100 exciter. Learn how to use the GE Control System Toolbox to troubleshoot problems. The course consists of a mix of classroom instruction and practical lab exercises using EX2100 simulators and actual EX2100 exciters.


5 Days

Target Audience

  • Supervisors
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Instrumentation & Controls
  • Qualified engineers and technicians who are responsible for the operation and maintenance of an EX2100 excitation system.


  • Instruction is given in English, therefore a reasonable ability to read and understand spoken English is required
  • The class is open to qualified engineers and technicians who work with excitation systems.
  • The student should have reasonable computer skills.

Class Size

Maximum number of students:  12

Learning Objectives

This course will provide basic knowledge on the following:

  • Safe On-Line and Off-Line Generator Operation
  • Operation of the Generator in a Under or Over Excited Limit
  • Connect a “Laptop” to the Simulator and Go On-Line with the Exciter File
  • Read Faults, Alarm Active Messages and History Using the HM, Toolbox and local Keypad
  • Search for Exciter Parameters Settings Identified by the Instructor and Change it.
  • Determine if all Control Cores Equal the Exciter Configuration File and if Not Determine the Differences, perform downloads
  • Identify EX2100 Problems “Entered into the System by the Instructor” i.e. Troubleshooting Examples  
  • Identify the modular device on the drawing and locate the device in the EX2100 site equipment
  • Describe the meaning of symbols on the drawings as requested by the instructor
  • List the steps required to safely Lockout and Tag-out the EX2100 to replace a panel device

Course Content


  1. Excitation Fundamentals
  2. EX2100 system documentation
  3. EX2100 system overview



  1. EX2100 Software Overview
  2. EX2100 Controller
  3. EX2100 High Voltage Cabinet Modules


  1. EX2100 Power Conversion module
  2. Electrical drawing familiarization



  1. GE Control System Toolbox© operation
  2. Trend Recorder operation



  1. Troubleshooting techniques


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