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Turbine Fundamentals: Steam Turbine Fundamentals


Price: $250.00 USD

Course Description


Web Based Training

Course Description

This course provides basic knowledge of GE Steam Turbines.


4 hour

Target Audience

All personnel


Course material is in English; therefore, a reasonable ability to read and understand English is required

Class Size

Remote Access

Learning Objectives

This course will provide basic knowledge on the following:

  • Basic steam cycle
  • Function and assembly of the major components of a GE steam turbine
  • Fundamentals of steam turbine controls

Course Content

LESSON 1 – Theory of Operation

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Steam Cycle
  1. Boiler
  2. Turbine
  3. Condenser
  1. Theory
  1. Thermodynamic Principles
  2. Impulse vs Reaction
  1. Steam Turbine Design
  1. Types of Turbines
  2. Efficiency
  3. Applications
  1. Exam

LESSON  2 – Basic Controls

  1. Introduction
  1. Controls systems
  2. Principles of control theory
  3. Protective system

  1. Basic Controls History
  1. Evolution of Control Systems
  2. MHC System
  3. Analog System
  4. Digital System
  1. Controls Theory
  1. Purpose
  2. First Principle
  3. Second Principle
  4. Third Principle
  1. Protective System
  1. Malfunctions, Circuits, Operator
  2. Vital Protections
  3. Important Protections
  4. Operational Protections
  1. Exam

LESSON  3 – Design and Construction

  1. Introduction
  1. Steam turbine components
  2. Key manufacturing processes
  1. Component Overview
  1. Illustrations
  1. Component Identification and Assembly
  1. Standards
  2. High-Pressure/Reheat Section
  3. Low-Pressure Section
  4. Valves
  1. Exam